GGF15: Building Geographical Information System Grids

Workshop Abstract and Agenda

Geographical information systems (GIS) are beginning to play a prominent role in many Grid systems, including GEON, LAITS, LEAD, SERVOGrid, and several other efforts. The value of integrating computational modeling and geographic information has been vividly demonstrated in recent natural disasters around the world. For this workshop, we have assembled a community forum that will include overview presentations and discussions from the aforementioned groups.

The purpose of this forum is to increase awareness of GIS Grids and collaboration in community projects. We will also announce at the workshop an open call for submissions to a special issue of the journal Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience.

This forum focuses on Grid and scientific computing requirements for GIS systems. The workshop format will consist of featured presentation section, followed by a panel discussion of GIS Grid system requirements. Featured project presentations include the following:

  1. GEON: Ashraf Memon, San Diego Supercomputing Center (abstract) (talk)
  2. LAITS: Wenli Yang, George Mason University (abstract) (talk)
  3. LEAD: Beth Plale, Indiana University (abstract) (talk)
  4. SERVOGrid: Marlon Pierce, Indiana University (abstract) (talk)
  5. GISolve: Shaowen Wang, University of Iowa (talk)

We also welcome briefings from other relevant projects.




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